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Apiam Genetic Services has invested in technology that is not available on site at any other Sheep and Goat Semen Collection centre in Australia. Until now, the accuracy of automated sperm analysers was pushed to the limit when counting low density or high detritus samples (such as analysing sperm in egg yolk extenders) as we do at Apiam Genetic Services. Using fluorescent strobe illumination, IDENT breaks through this barrier and reduces counting errors to as little as ± 2%. Accurate identification of sperm is easy with use of the IDENT Stain – a specialised, DNA-specific, fluorescent dye. Since sperm heads consist mainly of condensed DNA, the dye is readily absorbed and sperm are easily visible under the fluorescent lighting. In contrast, most detritus does not contain significant amounts of DNA and therefore does not absorb enough dye to be visible under the same lighting conditions.

CASA Specifications
  • Sample: Total, Static, Motile, Progressive, Slow
  • Concentrations: Total, Static, Motile, Progressive, Slow
  • Percentages: %Total, %Static, %Motile, %Progressive, %Slow
  • Doses: Extender Volume, Final Volume, Adjusted Concentration, Number of Doses
  • Kinematic Measures: DAP, DSL, DCL, VAP, VSL, VCL, ALH, STR, LIN, BCF, WOB (Average, SD, Median)
  • Morph Averages: Head Length, Head Width, Head Perimeter, Head Area, Tail Length, Tail Straightness, Droplet Distance, Droplet Frame Count, Bent Tail Count, Coiled Tail Count, DMR Count


Our DIC microscope has magnification of x1000, extremely high resolution that enables Apiam Genetic Services to assess semen morphology to the highest standards.

Genetic Inventory Management

Apiam Genetic Services has in-house printing and identification systems that allow each ejaculate to be tracked.
This is an important development and goes towards our Quality Assurance Systems.

Our QA batch tracking system allows us to also collaborate in the collection of information for the future of the industry. Collaboration with Sydney University and other partners is assisting AGS to keep at the forefront which is important for continuing research.

Our inventory management system is cloud-based, we are able to track semen inventory batches from anywhere in the world.

Apiam Genetic Services are moving towards:

  • The largest online Sheep Genetics Catalogue in Australia showcasing available genetics currently for sale
  • Real time ordering of genetics available online
  • Client Management system which allows tracking of orders for all clients
  • Full control to transport shipments through Apiam Logistics Services
  • QA Systems installed to benefit all parties

Semen Processing

Apiam Genetic Services has three Semen Processing Centres, located in Armidale, Dubbo and Deniliquin in New South Wales. With access to some of Australia’s best genetics, Apiam Genetic Services provides a complete semen service including collection, storage, dispatch and sales. Of course, we also organise the semen for your AI or ET programs. Semen is processed into single dose straws. Semen can be exported after processing into single dose straws. These are a superior product. Apiam Genetic Services provides semen storage and distribution. Semen collected at Apiam Genetic Services is processed and stored in accordance with the standards and code of practice of the Australian Association of Artificial Breeders. We are also up to date with all protocols in relation to export semen for various countries.

Semen Quality

All semen collected at an Apiam Genetic Services centre is rigorously tested to meet our strict standards before being issued with an Apiam Genetic Services Semen Quality Certificate. Semen Quality Guarantee A qualified Apiam Genetic Services semen analyser will have tested three individual doses per ejaculate and all will have exceeded the AETS standards. Sperm Concentration Every individual ejaculate will have had a concentration assessment performed using a Metertech 6 Photometer.

Semen Storage

The semen is stored in individual locations and is tracked and monitored using Apiam Genetic Services’s exclusive storage software. Storage tanks are regularly tested to ensure your genetics are in the safest possible hands.

Artificial Breeding Training

This course is for international students only We run course in Artificial breeding in small ruminants at Apiam Genetic Services Dubbo NSW Australia or at a location mutually agreed upon. Learn practical techniques from the world leaders in artificial breeding.

3 modules are available:

  • Semen freezing
  • Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination
  • Embryo Transfer

For more information about this course  Contact:

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 8.30 am – 4.30 pm
Saturday – Sunday Feeding only

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Apiam Genetic Services Riverina

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